Why Be a Delegate?

Town Council is the democratic institution and level of government closest to its citizens and provides the most accessible forum for residents to communicate with their elected officials.
As a citizen/resident of the Town of Slave Lake, you (Delegate) have an opportunity to express concerns about issues affecting the Town of Slave Lake.


Delegates appear usually:
  • To express views or opinions regarding an issue appearing on Council agendas.
  • To identify a specific concern requiring a decision.
  • To provide general comments for Council to consider about future community decisions.
A schedule of meetings for each month is posted at the Main entrance to the Town Office, advertised in the Lakeside Leader newspaper, and can be found on our website through the Council Calendar.

How to Be a Delegate

To appear before Council delegations are requested to contact the Executive Assistant (EA) at 780-849-8006. You will be required to complete and submit a Delegation to Council Form, which is a "Public Document" that will be a part of the agenda package. You may submit this form one of two ways:

The Executive Assistant (EA) will contact you and inform you of the date and time of the Council Meeting agenda that you are scheduled to appear on. Written material pertaining to the delegate’s item should be submitted so it can be placed on the agenda for distribution prior to the meeting. These documents are to be received by the EA no later than 4:30 p.m. on the Wednesday prior to the Council meeting you are scheduled to attend. This allows the EA time to include the documents into the agenda and this allows staff an opportunity to gather or prepare necessary information and Council an opportunity to study the issue before the meeting. If written material is not available the item may be tabled or the decision delayed. Please note the agenda is a Public Document and all submissions will be considered "Public Information."

Issues That Will Not Be Heard as Delegations

  • Invitations to Council to participate in an event or special occasion. These should be submitted to the Executive Assistant during business hours.
  • Promotions of a private business or group
  • Request for donations or sponsorship.