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The original item was published from 5/30/2019 11:35:00 AM to 6/1/2019 12:00:01 AM.

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News and Updates - Siren Information

Posted on: May 30, 2019

[ARCHIVED] Emergency Siren Information

Notice to Residents

In the case of Emergency, the Town of Slave Lake has an Emergency Siren to alert residents and visitors in town that there is an emergency and to seek more information. The Town of Slave Lake will use send out instructions on 92.7 Lake FM – the local radio station, Alberta Emergency Alert and on the Town’s website and social media.

1.Why do we have a siren?
The Town of Slave Lake has installed the siren as part of its emergency notification system. It will only be used when there is potential or immediate concern for personal, property or environmental safety. Its purpose is to alert residents and visitors so they can check other information sources for details on what to do
2.What does the sound of the siren mean?
If you hear the siren for a repeated 30 second lengths or continuously for up to 3 minutes, it means there is important emergency information available.
3.What do I do when I hear the siren?
If it’s noon the second Thursday of the month and the siren sounds for just 20 seconds, then no action is needed. It’s just the monthly test!

If you hear the siren any other time, follow the instructions found on one of the following Town’s emergency information sources:
- Listen to 92.7 Lake FM Radio
- Visit the Slave Lake Website
- Check Alberta Emergency Alert
- Visit the Town of Slave Lake Facebook page
- Check the Slave Lake Twitter Feed
4.Who decides when to activate the siren?
The Town’s Director of Emergency Management, usually the CAO makes this decision based on the information at hand. It will only be used when there is personal, property or environmental risk that is within the next 24 to 48 hours, or soon or immediate.
5.Is there an emergency every time I hear the siren?
Not always. There will be a ‘growl’ test on the second Thursday of each month at 12 noon. These will only last for 20 seconds. No action is needed when you hear this. If in doubt, check the Town’s emergency information sources.
6.How long will the siren sound when there is an emergency?
If there is a potential situation that requires residents and visitors to take action, the siren will be sounded intermittently for 30 seconds (30 seconds on, 30 seconds off and then repeated).

If there is an immediate situation that requires residents and visitors to take action, the siren will sound continuously for 3 minutes, followed by a three minute break and then start up for another three minutes. This will continue as long as deemed necessary.

Both the intermittent and continuous sound mean there could be an emergency and you need to immediately check for instructions.
7.Where is the siren located?
The siren is located on a 45 foot pole at the northwest corner of Government Centre.
8.In what parts of town can I hear the siren?
If you are outside you will be able to hear the siren in many areas of town. It is not meant to be heard inside. It is a rotating siren so the sound will be softer when it is facing another direction. It will also be affected by wind direction, cloud cover, outside noises and other factors.
9.What does the siren sound like?
The siren has three sounds: a steady sound, a fast wail and short wail. The Town will use the Fast Wail for the continuous siren sound.
10.How loud is the siren?
The sound will be the loudest at the centre of town. The siren’s steady sound is 128 decibels at its loudest (about 50 feet from the siren) and 70 decibels at Gloryland, Big Fish Bay and the Northeast Industrial area. Most residential areas will fall within the 100 to 80 decibel range.
11.Can the siren damage hearing?
The sound of the siren at 70 decibels is similar to an electric pencil sharpener, 100 decibels is similar to the noise from power tools or a snowmobile, and 120 decibels is like an ambulance siren. Only repeated exposure (daily over a couple of years) to these levels can cause damage.

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