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Sep 27

Gloryland Improvements

Posted on September 27, 2017 at 4:15 PM by Jordan Schenkelberg

So late last week, the Town sent over some communication to residents about what was going on with Gloryland roads.  Although we have made leaps and bounds in our communication over the past few years, there are always areas for improvement.  Sometimes we forget that although we may be quite familiar with the topic, those that are not cannot simply read one of our reports and feel comfortable with what is going on.  Council’s intention was to host a meeting with residents, let them know the current plan and how it is being funded.  We then wanted to talk to residents about future options if necessary and how we would in turn fund them.  This is still the intention and we are in the process of setting up that meeting for some time in June.  I apologize if we jumped the gun by sending you information that was not quite clear.  As a result I will give you a quick recap.
First off we had the engineers due a bunch of testing.  They worked on this over the winter, and we started going through their recommendations. So the first question which needs answered is what is wrong right now.  Essentially we have issues with drainage, and with the base underneath the road.  This creates issues for us moving traffic over the road and even maintaining it.  We can’t often drive a grader on the road until its dry enough to do so or we just compound the problem. 
Not all of Gloryland is in this state and there are some areas that are worse than others.  The most immediate problem and quite obvious is the fact we have a significant problem with drainage.  Water always flows downhill, but if our culverts don’t have the right grade or are not in the right spot than that is not going to happen.  Some of the approaches and driveways are higher or lower than they are supposed to be.  To make it simple think of garden hose.  We lay it on the driveway so it goes downhill.  If we have a rock or log under in certain spots or kink, it no longer drains properly.  So council made a motion to go get drainage fixed.  The cost of this is estimated at $300,000 dollars and we have endorsed funding to get it done.  We believe this is a process that can and will happen this year.  The Town has agreed to pay for the funding of this portion of the project.  Once this work is complete we would see what next spring and all the melting brings.  Our hope would be that this is enough to fix the problem, but in reality there may be areas where we have to dig up the road, fix the base underneath and rebuild it again.  There are a couple of options available for this and different cots as well as different ways to fund them.  When we do road repairs in other areas of town there is a levy imposed and a funding formula established where the costs are shared.  Our intention with a meeting is to educate the residents about this plan as well as discuss the next phases of this project (if necessary) and get residents input.  That way if additional work is needed later next year, we would be able to move quickly. 
In the end Council wants to fix this problem.  There is more than one way to do it and we want to talk about that with residents.  Communication will go out in the coming days about where and when that meeting will take place.  We appreciate all the patience and understanding from our residents as we try to figure it out what success looks like and how it is achieved.