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Sep 27

Snow Removal in Slave Lake

Posted on September 27, 2017 at 3:21 PM by Jordan Schenkelberg

The weather has been hot and dry in the Slave Lake area so far this spring.  We have had some amazing weather and people spent the last few days swimming in the lake, boating, camping and hiking.  The last thing on anyone’s mind is snow and ice. 

If we want to plan ahead though the time to do it is right now.  I can safely say there is no winter that goes by that you don’t give your opinion on how to do snow removal better.  We have been listening and taking your concerns very serious. 

So much so that we want to make some changes this upcoming winter season, and in order to do that we may need additional money or equipment.  We would then have to throw those things into the budget and we are hoping to start the budget process early this fall. 

As a result we have to make decisions sooner rather than later.  We did an open house back in April and had almost no one show up.  It was disappointing so we are trying another approach.  We have created a survey looking for feedback from residents on what they would like or not like.  What are they happy with and what would they sacrifice.  If we could do snow clearing faster and more often, but it required some help from you, would you do it?  If we stopped cleaning certain sidewalks how would that affect you?  If we decided to put in some no parking bans could you live with this?  What if we plowed in part of your driveway?  These are questions we want answers to.  Your help would be appreciated in making these decisions and taking five minutes to fill out the survey on our Town website is a great way to take part.  There is also a spot at the end to give us some more detailed feedback if there is something you want us to know or consider.  If you want change, this is how it happens!