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Sep 27

50 years of Slave Lake

Posted on September 27, 2017 at 3:19 PM by Jordan Schenkelberg

The Town of Slave Lake has been my home since 1992.  I love living here and although I have had opportunities to go elsewhere, there is no place I would rather live, work or raise a family.  I love the fact that there is a lot to do, many amenities and yet there is a beautiful wilderness outside my back door waiting for my family and I to explore.  I love the adventure, the comfort and the friends this community provides me with.  I find it amazing to see how much the community has changed in the twenty years I have lived here, but I am sure for others seeing the changes over the last 50 are quite exciting as well.  With that in mind we celebrate our 50th anniversary this year as a Town and I feel like it’s a milestone that needs to be celebrated!  It’s one that only comes once and most of us won’t be alive to celebrate the 100th one so we better do this one right.  
August 2, 1965 marked the date Slave Lake officially became a Town and we are planning a celebration to mark the anniversary.  A planning committee has been formed and has had a couple meetings so far and Jill, our program coordinator, is helping put it all together.  The loose idea at this point is a two day event hopefully August long weekend.  It would be a homecoming of sorts and using the long weekend we feel will help give people time to travel here.  We are confirming availability of venues and caterers and will confirm that date in the coming weeks.  The plan is to have some activities throughout the day with a large dinner celebration one of the evenings.  This would take place at the MRC where we could host approx. 800 people.  In the event we needed more space we could use another one of the rooms as well and have 800 more!  It would be a dinner and dance, some live entertainment perhaps, with some incorporation of stories, pictures, slide shows, etc. of life in Slave Lake over the years.  We are looking at grant opportunities and considering some print material to be created.

We are definitely still in the planning stages and as such are looking for some help, some ideas, and some good memories.  If you are a group in town and would like to organize something that day we would love to see you make it happen.  If you want to help we are going to need some volunteers whether for the planning committee, the weekend of or both.  We are setting up a Facebook page and will host information on the Town webpage.  So if you want to help, or be part of the planning contact Jill at 780-843-5641.  If you have ideas of what we should do, some pictures or stories, please email them to
So tentatively put the 50 anniversary in your calendars, tell your friends, book your hotels and campsites and come help us start making 50 more years of memories!!  We have an amazing community and the chance to come together and celebrate doesn’t come along often.