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Sep 27

Legacy Centre

Posted on September 27, 2017 at 2:53 PM by Jordan Schenkelberg

I ran into someone the other day who didn’t know what the Legacy Centre was.  I was shocked to say the least.  I have done a few blogs about it know, it has been on the radio and in the newspaper.  Still they had no idea what I was talking about, “That great big building they are working on where the Elks Lodge used to be, the building that is going to house the new daycare, performing arts theatre, and community hall” I said.  Oh I think I heard something about that they said.  It reminded me that things that are passionate to me might not be to everyone else.  It made me think what was so great about this new building and those answers came quite quickly and easily. 

Slave Lake is a growing community; it is also a young community.  The daycare that operates in Slave Lake right now is very limited on space.  They are also in a very old building that has many challenges.  Over the last couple of years I have spent a lot of time touring different people around our great community.  Most of them are people we are trying to impress, who are going to come build a life in Slave Lake.  Having a beautiful new daycare facility with increased capacity is going to be a huge asset in attracting people to this community. 

One of the other questions I get a lot is what do you have for cultural and Arts facilities? To be honest I think Slave Lake has a large group of people who are interested and passionate about the Arts.   We also have an abundance of cultural diversity within the community.  So building a place where these groups can perform will be a huge asset.  A new community hall to hold events, in a community where people complain there is never enough to do, can’t be a waste of money either. 

Partnering with a group like the Elks who have a history of hosting quality events and love doing it is a great idea as well.  Knowing this building is costing us about $20-million and we have leveraged about $17 million so far without taking any from the tax base is a great story too.  One of the greatest success is this will be a building generations to come will enjoy and it will stand as a testament to the spirit of collaboration between local governments, first nations and local user groups.  Our community can be very proud of what we have accomplished. 

So I writing to offer you a little reminder of one aspect your local government is doing to improve the quality of life in Slave Lake.  I am also doing it to remind you; we are still short some funding and looking for some help.  We have a group of local volunteers who are working diligently to help raise the funds to see this project go.  They have partnered with Stage North to host a fundraiser and a great evening of fun this April 12 at the St. Peters Ecumenical Church.  It is a New Orleans Mardi Gras style night with food, refreshments, dancing and some great music by a blues band called MonkeyJunk.  This is obviously something you don’t see very often in Slave Lake. This seems like a pretty cool evening, so if you want to help us make an amazing project a reality, or if you just want to enjoy a night of fun, head on down to St. Peter’s on April 12 and learn a little more about this great project and enjoy a fabulous night out with family and friends. 

Tickets to MonkeyJunk can be purchased at Tickets at ReMax, Rotary Library or , or contact for further information 780-805-4346 (Ellen). Appetizers start at 6:30, band at 7:30.  Cost is $50.00 per person.