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Jan 25

Time to Step Up, and Get involved!

Posted on January 25, 2017 at 3:47 PM by Jordan Schenkelberg

In the run of a week I talk to a lot of different people about a lot of different things.  Lately one topics which keeps coming up is volunteerism.  Whether it be the lack of volunteers, the increased demands or the financial pressures, things just aren’t what they used to be.  So how do we fix it?
The answer to that question isn’t easy.  

If we peek back into the past its clear to see rural Alberta has been built on volunteers, and Slave Lake is no different. 

Without volunteers we would not have our dog park, golf courses, curling rinks, hockey, soccer, daycare, dance, theatre, band, school field trips, after school sports, animal rescue, fire departments, churches, Citizens on Patrol, or groups to combat homelessness.  As you can see that whether its recreation, safety, sports, seniors, children, pets, or those in need volunteerism touches all walks of our life.  As much as altruism is something we should all strive towards, money makes most things possible.  Unfortunately, our dreams are usually bigger than our wallets and so we lean on people to make up the difference. 

Decades ago most families only had one person working, communities were tighter and neighbours closer.  There was less variety in things to do and people had more time, and were willing to help out. People would roll up their sleeves, and things got done.  They built churches, golf courses and curling rinks.  Whole families would visit facilities, attend events, and do work together, and so these places flourished. 

Fast forward to today and the world is a different place.  Everybody works, nobody has enough time, everything costs more, and there are so many options. 

Most groups are trying to do more than they ever did, what they are doing costs more than it did twenty years ago, and less people are willing to step up and help out.  The generations that came before have paid their dues, and now its time for the next generation to step up and do its part.  I can’t speak to Alberta, but I honestly worry about Slave Lake and the future.

Whether we talk about the Rotary, Elks, Club, Minor hockey, Soccer, parent councils Citizens on Patrol, Animal Rescue, Friendship Center, Hospital Auxiliary, Dance, theatre, or kinettes; they are all looking for help.  They need more donations, more help planning events, and all around more volunteers. So what is the next step?
I can tell you I believe Slave Lake is one of the greatest places around.  I love living here, I love the opportunities, the recreation and diversity it provides, and I love its people, my neighbours, my friends.  I know that if I want it to continue to be great it will take some help from me, and people like yourself.  It requires our families to join Rotary Clubs, join parent council, coach teams, go on school field trips, Fire departments, and even get involved in politics.  We do it because we take great pride in the community.  We do it because our community needs it.  We do it because we want our children to do their part when its their turn. 

Many of our residents have the same philosophy and our community continues along because they put in the effort.  They work tirelessly to make our lives more enjoyable.  I just see the group getting smaller, older, and more tired. So if you love where you live I simply ask if you can spare an hour or two a week, there are groups that could use your help. 

On the other side if you are not happy with where you live, maybe its time you step up and do something about it!  


Nicola Ramsey
March 14, 2017 at 8:17 AM
I've been involved in a number of Slave Lake organizations and we've never had a problem locating volunteers. From Art with a Heart, to the Home and Garden Tour, to Stage North, we often have more volunteers than we need. I find Slave Lake residents to be more than generous with their time because they know that in a small town, you get back what you put in.

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