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March 13, 2020 4:12 PM

Coronavirus Information Updates

News and Updates from The Town of Slave Lake about COVID-19.

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Latest Update:

May 5, 2021 11:06 AM

Covid-19 Update for Wednesday May 5th 2021 ---

The Town of Slave Lake and the Municipal District of Lesser Slave River No. 124 currently has 43 active cases, which puts the area at an active case rate of 398.6 per 100,000 population. The Alberta Government has implemented expanded restrictions for high case regions starting May 5th which the Municipal District of Lesser Slave River No. 124 now classifies for. This includes the Town of Slave Lake.

Starting May 5, additional restrictions come into effect for regions with at least 50 cases per 100,000 people, and at least 30 active cases.

These restrictions will be in place for at least 3 weeks and will be extended if necessary. Provincewide restrictions remain in effect for all other communities.

The expanded restrictions are as follows.

Gatherings – indoor and outdoor:

Mandatory, additional restrictions for high case regions – Effective May 5

Indoor gatherings
• All indoor gatherings remain prohibited.

Outdoor gatherings
• All outdoor social gatherings must be limited to no more than 5 people and a maximum of 2 household cohorts.
• Mandatory physical distancing must be maintained at all times between members of different households.

Fitness, performance & recreation activities – indoor and outdoor:

New additional restrictions for high case regions are effective 11:59pm on May 9th

Indoor activities:
-All indoor sport, performance and recreation activities for youth and adults are prohibited.
-Indoor fitness and recreation facilities must close, including for 1-on-1 training.

Outdoor activities:
• All outdoor sports and recreation activities are prohibited, except with members of your household, or your two close contacts if you live alone. This includes:
o all group physical activities, such as team sports, fitness classes, training sessions
o all one-on-one lessons and training activities
o all practices, training and games
• Outdoor recreation facilities can remain open unless specifically closed by public health order.
Professional sport organizations:
• Professional sport organizations that have received an exemption can continue, provided protocols are strictly followed.


Mandatory, additional restrictions for high case regions – Effective May 5

• Retail services must limit customer capacity to 10% of fire code occupancy (not including staff) or a minimum of 5 customers. This includes individual stores and common areas.
• Shopping mall capacity limits will exclude common area square footage.
• Curbside pick-up, delivery and online services are encouraged.

Retail services include but are not limited to:
• Retail businesses
• Shopping centres and malls
• Grocery stores, markets and pharmacies
• Clothing and sporting goods stores
• Computer and technology stores
• Hardware and automotive
• Liquor and cannabis
• Pet supply stores
• Gift shops

Personal and Wellness Services:

New additional restrictions for high case regions are effective 11:59pm on May 9th

• Personal and wellness services, including hair salons, barbers, nail salons, estheticians, tattoos and piercing, must close.

Places of Worship:

Mandatory, additional restrictions for high case regions – Effective May 5

• Faith services are limited to 15 in-person attendees.
• Physical distancing between households must be maintained at all times.
• Virtual or online services are strongly recommended.
• Drive-in services where people do not leave their vehicles and adhere to guidance are allowed.


Mandatory, additional restrictions for high case regions – Effective May 5

• 10-people maximum for funerals, including participants and guests.
• Funeral receptions are not permitted.

Workplace Rules:

Mandatory, additional restrictions for high case regions – Effective May 5

• Any workplace, except work camps and essential and critical services, with transmission of 3 or more cases will be required by health officials to close for 10 days.
• Any workplace that does not comply will be subject to enforcement.
• Working from home remains mandatory unless the employer requires the employee's physical presence to operate effectively.
• Where at work for operational effectiveness, employees must mask for all indoor settings, except in work stations or where two-metre physical distancing or adequate physical barriers are in place.

Previous mandatory provincewide restrictions are still in effect with new additional restrictions. Those restrictions are as follows:

Out-of-town travel and Visitors:

Returning to Alberta

• If you do not have a household in Alberta, you must not stay in other people’s homes while these restrictions are in place.
• If you belong to the household, you are permitted to return to the home (e.g., child returning home from post-secondary).

Visitors to Alberta

• Out-of-town visitors cannot stay in other people's homes while these restrictions are in place, regardless of where they are coming from.

Schools and Post-secondary Move Online:

• Kindergarten to Grade 12 schools will transition to online learning, effective May 7.
• Post-secondary schools will transition to online learning, effective May 5.
• Childcare facilities can remain open.

Restaurants, bars, pubs, lounges and cafes (new restrictions May 9th)

• All in-person dining, including on patios, is prohibited.
• Restaurants, pubs, bars, lounges, cafes and food courts can open for takeout, curbside pickup and delivery only.

Entertainment and recreation facilities:

Libraries must close.

All entertainment businesses and entities must remain closed, including:
• Casinos, bingo halls, gaming centres
• Racing centres, horse tracks, raceways
• Bowling alleys, pool halls
• Nightclubs
• Art galleries and museums
• Science and interpretive centres
• Amusement and water parks
• Children’s play centres and indoor playgrounds
• Movie theatres, auditoriums and concert halls

Banquet halls, Community halls, conference centres and hotels:

Wedding receptions, funeral receptions and trade shows are not permitted.

Hotels, motels, hunting and fishing lodges may remain open, but must follow restrictions – no spas or in-person dining (room services only).

Health, social, and professional services:

The following services can open by appointment only as long as public health orders and sector guidance is followed. Appointments should be limited to one-on-one services.

Regulated health services can open by appointment only
• physicians, dentists
• physical therapists
• optometrists
• chiropractors
• hearing aid practitioners
• acupuncturists
• naturopaths

Non-regulated health services can open by appointment only (effective Jan. 18, 2021)
• massage therapists (a prescription or referral is no longer required)
• manual osteopaths
• kinesiologists
• athletic therapists

Professional services can remain open by appointment only:
• lawyers
• mediators
• accountants
• photographers

Social services can remain open for in-person services including:
• social, protective or emergency services
• shelters for vulnerable persons
• not-for-profit community kitchens, religious kitchens and soup kitchens

Home-based businesses should follow the restrictions for the type of service they provide.
For more information please refer to

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May 3, 2021 9:50 AM

Amendment for May 3rd 2021 Update.

This morning the town made an alert announcing expanded restrictions due to an increase in Covid-19 cases. This was a false alarm as the town and region currently does not meet the criteria to fall under these restrictions. We apologize for any confusion that was caused from this update.

April 7, 2021 3:58 PM

Covid-19 update for Wednesday April 7th, 2021 ---

The Government of Alberta has implemented a move back Step 1 restrictions effective 11:59pm on April 6th 2021.

These restrictions will effect the following in regards to public gathering:

Indoor Social Gatherings;
Outdoor Social Gatherings;
Out-of-town Travel and Visitors;
Weddings and Funerals;
Places of Worship.

Some businesses are required to temporarily close, reduce capacity or limit in-person access. Masks are mandatory in all indoor public places, indoor workplaces, and places of worship. The restrictions will effect the following:

Restaurants, Bars, Pubs, Lounges and Cafes;
Entertainment and Recreation Facilities;
Banquet halls, Community halls, Conference Centres and Hotels;
Personal and Wellness Services;
Health, Social and Professional Services;
Indoor Fitness;
Outdoor Sport and Recreation Activities;
Youth and Collegiate Sport and Recreation Activities;
Performance Activities;
Working From Home.

For more detailed information regarding each of the categories, please refer to