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(Snow storage years are based by the year of commencement and do not switch over on January 1st)

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Snow Removal Forecast

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Update as of March 1st

Public Works: Webpage Update

March 1st 2023

Snow Plowing Operations have completed their full rotation of town. 

The Public Works crew will start removing Snowflake Decorations this afternoon in the Downtown Core.

During the 2022-’23 Winter Season, Snow Plowing Operations have cleared approximately 243 km of town roadways. 




Priority 1           Emergency

6 times

Priority 2                    Mains

7 times

Priority 3              Collectors

7 times

Priority 4             Residential

3 times

Downtown Core

4 times


3 times


Cemetery Road

2 times


2 times

Recycle Center

4 times


5 times

Lift Stations

4 times

Bulk Water & Sewer Station

5 times


5 times


For safe and efficient snow removal: 

If you see crews working on your street, please try to move vehicles that are parked on the street before equipment makes their first pass. Please remove any other obstructions that might impact snow removal operations. 


Driving around working equipment:

For everybody’s safety we ask the public to please be considerate while crews conduct their work. Be courteous when approaching heavy equipment. Slow down, follow from a safe distance, or take another route to give operators safe distance to reverse and efficiently clear town roadways.