Town of Slave Lake Peace Officers

Peace Officers

Enforcement Services covers a broad range of duties and services for residents and visitors to the Town. Department duties and responsibilities are reviewed annually by Town Council. This regular review allows administration to ensure the resources are properly directed and focused on areas of concern. The establishment of operational priorities is based primarily on concerns that have been brought forward through Municipal Council, by the general public, and by local police services.

Working together with the municipal government, local RCMP, and other law enforcement agencies, Enforcement Services strives to keep abreast of issues and concerns. This is achieved primarily through Crime Prevention, public education/relations, and preventative patrols.

Keeping Our Streets Safe

The enforcement component of the Town's highway management program continues to be a priority. Secondary highway systems support larger volumes of passenger and commercial traffic, particularly during the tourist season. Transient traffic flow on the secondary highway system is high due to our location on a major gateway to Alberta's north at the junction of Highway 2 and 88. As well, the many popular tourist areas within the region such as Provincial Parks, and the Slave Lake itself draw people to the area.

Seasonal activities draw large numbers of people into the area. Regular enforcement and preventative patrols conducted by Enforcement Services have greatly assisted local police agencies in ensuring a safe and unobstructed flow of traffic through the Town of Slave Lake. Enforcement services continue to assist Provincial efforts in revising the current traffic safety legislation with the new Traffic Safety Act.

The Community Peace Officers provide operational support to the Slave Lake RCMP detachment. Through this role, Town Council can ensure Community Peace Officers are carrying out their duties and responsibilities in an efficient, timely, and cost effective manner, to the satisfaction of the general public, the municipality and the local police services.

Animal Control
The Town of Slave Lake patrols the Town of Slave Lake for cases of Animal Control. Animals seized by the officer are housed at the Town Dog Pound and adoptions of unclaimed animals remain at the discretion of the Animal Control and Peace Officers. Typically animals are sent to Slave Lake Animal Rescue and put up for adoption after three days of being unclaimed.

The all Peace Officers act as Animal Control Officers, and an employee of the Town of slave Lake, is authorized to issue summonses for offences under the Town of Slave Lakes Animal Control Bylaw.

Residents of Slave Lake can contact the Animal Control Officer through the Animal Control complaint line at 780-849-8014. The Animal Control Officers responds to complaints on an as needed basis, following up on calls as they are received.