Property Assessment

Assessment Information

Property Assessment is the process of estimating a fair actual value (average market value) of a property for taxation purposes.

Assessments for all types of property are prepared annually by accredited municipal assessors appointed by the town and governed by provincial legislation and regulation.

Assessments are based on market conditions as of July 1 of the previous year and on the properties physical condition and characteristics as of December 31 of the previous year.

Assessors obtain required information through many means including site inspections, building permits and blueprints, aerial imagery, gis data, sales information from Alberta Registries, MLS data, industry publications and by annual written requests.

The property assessment is used to fairly distribute the annual tax revenue requirements throughout the municipality.

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 Assessment Roll

2022 Assessment for the 2023 Tax Year

What if I Disagree With My Assessment?

If you have questions concerning your property assessment or you feel that your assessment is inaccurate you should inquire with the Assessor by filling out an inquiry form

The assessor will contact you to discuss your concerns and may request amongst other things, documentation (appraisals, sales docs, lease information, plans, etc.) relating to your opinion of value for this property and/or inspect the property to determine if an error was made. If the assessor agrees the original notice is not accurate, a corrected notice may be issued. Assessment reviews and possible amendments only pertain to the current assessment notice.

If after speaking with the assessor, you still feel that your assessment does not accurately reflect a fair and equitable value of your property at July 1 of the previous year, then there is a formal appeal process to file an assessment appeal. This is done through the municipality’s Assessment Review Board. Forms and information to file the assessment appeal can be obtained from the Assessment Review Board Clerk at Town.

An assessment appeal fee must be submitted with the complaint form and this fee is only refunded if the assessment is amended.

If after a board hearing you believe an error in law or jurisdiction has been made by the Assessment Review Board, you may appeal that decision to the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta (CQB).

An assessment complaint does not exempt you from paying your taxes by the due date or from late payment penalties.