Candidate Information

The Town of Slave Lake is one of Canada’s youngest communities, the people of Slave Lake work hard, take care of one another, and embody an ambitious and resilient spirit that allows for numerous opportunities. The people of Slave Lake have all the ingredients for a strong quality of life. We are neighbourly and love the outdoors. We have built a community full of opportunity where people take care of each other today and for generations to come.

To be eligible for the Rural Renewal Stream and work in the Town of Slave Lake, candidates must meet a series of criteria, receive an offer for a full-time, permanent position from an eligible employer, get endorsed by the Town of Slave Lake Economic Development Department, and apply using the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program Portal. Some of the requirements are presented below however, prior to applying for an employment opportunity, candidates are strongly encouraged to review, understand, and ensure they meet all eligibility requirements (Rural Renewal Stream – Eligibility | under the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program.

Work Experience:

  • At the time your application is submitted you must have a minimum of 12 months full-time work experience in an eligible occupation within the last 18 months prior to your application. This work experience can be a combination of experience gained in Alberta, in Canada (outside Alberta) or abroad.
  • Work experience in the qualifying period must:
    1. Have been paid full-time employment, for a minimum of 30 hours a week
    2. Must meet the National Occupational Classification TEER requirements. Please visit Find your National Occupation Classification (NOC) - to determine your job code and Rural Renewal Stream – Eligibility | for a complete list of TEER requirements.
    3. Have been authorized by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and with valid temporary resident status if obtained in Canada.
    4. Not have been gained while studying in Canada and doing co-op work placements or internships as part of a study program, unless you are a PGWP holder who completed paid co-op work terms as a part of your program of study at an Alberta post-secondary institution. To qualify, the work terms must have been:
      • Paid and full-time (minimum 30 hours per week) and,
      • Work experience all gained in Alberta.
  • Post-Graduation Work Permit holders who have completed a two-year post-secondary education program at a IRCC designated learning institution Designated learning institutions list -  in their designated community are not required to meet the 12 months of work experience criterion.

Language Requirements

  • Candidates must confirm the TEER category for the occupation (Find your National Occupation Classification (NOC) -, and use the TEER category to determine your minimum language score using the table below. At the time your application is submitted, you must demonstrate that you meet the following language test score in English or French.
    1. If the job offer is for NOC TEER 0,1,2,3 = Minimum of 5 for each English OR French language skill
    2. If the job offer is for NOC TEER 4 or 5 = Minimum of 4 for each English OR French language skill
  • You must provide your official test results with you AAIP application for one of the following language tests:
    1. Home - CELPIP – Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP) General Test
    2. IELTS Home of the IELTS English Language Test – International English Language Testing System (IELTS) General Training Test
    3. TEF Canada - Le français des affaires ( – TEF Canada
  • Official test results must be less than 2 years old at the time your application was submitted. The AAIP will not accept confirmation of registration to take a language test in place of a test result.

Education Requirements

At the time your application is submitted, you must have completed a minimum of high school education equivalent to the Canadian education standard or a foreign degree, diploma, or certificate. You must provide a copy of an Educational Credential Assessment issued by an organizations designated by IRCC (Educational Credential Assessment – Service Providers - for your highest level of education.

You do not need to provide an ECA if:

  • You have a Canadian degree, diploma, or certificate from a recognized Canadian post-secondary, technical college, or secondary institution, or
  • You have a valid Alberta Qualification Certificate or a Trade Certificate (Recognized Credentials ( recognized by the Alberta Government.

Settlement Fund Requirements

At the time your application is submitted and at the time the AAIP assesses your application, you must demonstrate that you have sufficient funds to support yourself and your family members to settle in your designated community if:

  • You are not residing in Canada, or
  • You are currently in Canada but are not working.

Minimum settlement funds requirements are based on the Low Income Cut-Offs. The amount of settlement funds required depends on the number of family members you have, including yourself, and the population size of your designated community where you plan to settle in Alberta. Below you will the amount of settlement funds required for settling in Slave Lake based on the number of family members.

Number of Family Members

Settlement Funds Required















Amount of funds required for each additional family member



Funds must be unencumbered and readily available to you to meet the minimum settlement funds requirement. Real estate property, jewelry, cars, and other personal assets are not eligible. If your spouse is coming with you, you can count money you have together in a joint account. You may be able to count money in an account under your spouse’s name only, but you must prove you have access to the money. The funds must be available at the time of application and assessment. You must prove to an AAIP officer that you can legally access the funds when you arrive in Alberta. You must provide official letters from any banks or financial institutions where your funds are kept.

Candidates are responsible for ensuring they meet the eligibility of the AAIP Rural Renewal Stream. Submission of an application or nomination by the AAIP does not guarantee you will be issues permanent resident visa. Those who do not meet the eligibility will not progress through the program. Candidates that are currently living in Canada are only eligible if they have valid temporary status in Canada. Once a candidate has confirmed they meet all the eligibility requirements, they may apply for employment. Candidates must receive a job offer from an employer who is based within Slave Lake and has been approved by the City under the Rural Renewal Stream. Please visit the Rural Renewal Stream Job Posting Board to review eligible vacancies.

The Town of Slave Lake can only review requests for letters of endorsement after the candidate receives a job offer from an employer approved by the Town of Slave Lake Economic Development Department. 

Once you receive a valid job offer from an employer, your employer will present the job offer to the Town of Slave Lake Economic Development Department to receive endorsement. The department will review the job offer and prioritize candidates for endorsement who are most likely to successfully settle and remain residing in the Region. Upon receiving a Letter of Endorsement from the Town of Slave Lake, the candidate can then submit their application through the AAIP Portal. There is a non-refundable application fee for this stream. The application will be reviewed, and the candidate will be notified by the Government of Alberta if they are eligible for nomination. At the time your application is submitted and at the time the AAIP assesses your application, you must intend to and be able to work, reside, and settle in Slave Lake.