Lift Station C Forcemain Upgrade

Project Scope

Replace current C-Lift force main (6”) with higher diameter pipeline (16”) to accommodate more volume of flow. The existing line has reached its capacity and is not keeping up with the load requirements under abnormal conditions. The existing line runs from the C-Lift station along 6 Ave NW to Main Street and this would be the same route that is required for the new larger line. This line would have to be installed using excavation and trenching methods due to encountered risks with Horizontal Directional Drilling during design and engineering stage.

Funding Source Utility Reserves
Project Start January 2021
Project End December 2022

Project Updates

Date Status Details
March 8th, 2022 Progressing The project is currently being advertised for tender. Tender closing scheduled for March 10th 2022 at 2:00PM