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New plan will guide easing of health measures, announced by province on January 29th 

These steps and benchmarks will provide a transparent approach to easing restrictions for businesses and individuals while protecting the health-care system. 

Each step has an associated benchmark of hospitalized COVID-19 patients, including intensive care patients. Changes to restrictions will be considered once a benchmark is reached.

The hospitalization benchmarks are:

  • Step 1 - 600 and declining
  • Step 2 - 450 and declining
  • Step 3 - 300 and declining
  • Step 4 - 150 and declining

With hospitalizations dipping below 600, Alberta will move to Step 1 on Feb. 8.

If after three weeks the hospitalization numbers are in the range of the next benchmark, decisions will be considered for moving to Step 2. The same three-week re-evaluation period will be used for all subsequent steps.

February 8th, 2021 - Province Enters Step 1 

Alberta begins Step 1 of plan to ease restrictions.
Step 1 currently in effect: Hospitalization benchmark – 600 and declining

Indoor and outdoor children’s sport and performance:

1) K-12 schools and post-secondary children’s sport and performance activities, such as physical education classes, can now use off-site facilities to support curriculum-related educational activities.
2) Lessons, practices and conditioning activities, but not games, may occur for indoor team-based minor sports/activities and school athletics.
- All participants must be 18 years old or younger, excluding coaches or trainers.
- Maximum of 10 individuals, including all coaches, trainers and participants.
- Participants must stay physically distanced from each other at all times.

Indoor fitness

1) One-on-one individual and one-on-one household training is now permitted for indoor fitness activities (e.g., fitness in dance studios, training figure skating on ice, one-on-one lessons). 
- People in one-on-one sessions cannot interact with others and there must be a minimum of three metres between sessions in the same facility.
- Trainers must be professional, certified and/or paid trainers who are providing active instruction and correction. Passive supervision of a physical activity is not considered training.
- Sessions have to be scheduled or by appointment.
- No drop-in for individuals or groups is allowed.
- No sports games, competitions, team practice, league play or group exercise of any kind is currently permitted.
- Trainers should remain masked during the session; clients are not required to wear a mask while exercising.
2) More than one trainer and client ‘pair’ are allowed into the facility, studio, rink, court, pool, ice surface, etc., as long as:
- Each trainer and client stays three metres away from all other trainers and clients at all times, including in entryways and exits.
- Each trainer only interacts with their assigned client, and each client only interacts with their assigned trainer.
- No interaction between clients or between trainers is allowed.
- No ‘cycling through’ multiple trainers, as in circuit training.

Restaurants, cafés and pubs

1) Restaurants, cafés and pubs can now reopen for dine-in services.
- Establishments must collect the contact information of one person from the dining party.
- Up to a maximum of six people per table is allowed; individuals must be from the same household or the two close contacts for people living alone.
- Liquor service ends at 10 p.m.
- In-person dining must close by 11 p.m.
- Entertainment is not permitted (e.g., no VLTs, pool tables, live music).

Mandatory restriction – Provincewide – Effective Dec. 8

Masks are mandatory in all:

  • indoor public places
  • places of worship
  • indoor workplaces and facilities outside the home, except:
    • when working alone in an office or a safely distanced cubicle or a barrier is in place
    • rental accommodations used soley for the purposes of a private residence
    • farm operations (exempt)

This workplace requirement:

  • applies to all employees, customers, visitors, delivery personnel and contractors
  • includes any location where employees are present in-person
  • includes all workplace locations where masks won’t pose a safety risk
  • does not change current student mask requirements in schools

Mandatory - Provincewide - Effective Dec. 13

Working from home is mandatory unless the employer requires a physical presence for operational effectiveness.

Town Announces Schedule to Remove Ice at Multi-Rec Centre 

“Last night Town Council passed a motion establishing “drop dead dates” for ice removal as Feb 12, for Arena #2, and Feb 28 for Arena #1.  If the restrictions are not changed by those dates, then the following week ice will be removed from the respective arena. Once ice is removed in a particular arena, it will not be installed until the next season. 

The restriction changes (called “step 1”) that come into place on Feb 8th, will allow school usage and usage by a certified trainer for one on one instruction only.  While we recognize there may be some activities that could occur in the MRC (overall), it is tough to warrant recalling staff for only a few hours per day.  Unless restrictions change, the MRC will remain closed at this time.  The Alberta Government has given indications that the “step 1” restrictions will be in place for 3 weeks.  Secondly, the “step 2” phase will still be restricted to a large degree (with indication that potentially some restrictions might lift in relation to youth sport).  Adult sport is not listed as even a potential consideration until “step 3.”

This is has been a tough & unprecedented ice season. The Town must weigh a balance between potentially moving forward with ice usage later this spring (not knowing what that will look like) & fiscal responsibility. To be clear, none of this is easy, with a lot of uncertainty – all of which are in response to the restrictions imposed by the Alberta Government.

We appreciate the cooperation that our customers & user groups have given us, as we work together to try to navigate these times.  We are looking forward to the day when we can re-launch our facility again.”

Visit for up-to-date, accurate information.

Visit the Town of Slave Lake COVID-19 Updates for up-to-date information

To speak with a staff member, contact the facilites at the numbers below:

  • Town Office - 780-849-8000
  • Multi-Rec Centre - 780-849-8028
  • Northern Lights Aquatic Centre - 780-849-8639
  • Legacy Centre - 780-849-8028
  • Lesser Slave Regional Fire Hall #1 - 780-849-4110

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