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Planning and Development

  1. Application for Deck, Shed or Minor Structure Permit

    Think of building a Deck, Shed or Minor Structure complete this application.

  2. Application for Development Permit
  3. Application for Occupying Space or Change in Use Permit

    Are you opening a business in a new space? Are adding to your

  4. Application for Sign Permit

    All signs need a permit. Please contact the Planning Department with questions.

  5. Application for Variance Permit

    This application is for when you need to vary setbacks for a building either before or after building.

  1. Application For Demolition Permit

    Need to demolish a building? Please provide us with details.

  2. Application for Home Based Business Permit

    If you run your business from your home, it is possible that you require a permit to do so.

  3. Application For Residential Development Permit
  4. Application for Special Event Permit

    Want to hold an event in the park or have a fundraising event on Town land’s? An application is needed at least two weeks prior to the... More…

  5. Request for Certificate of Compliance