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Beaches in Slave Lake Questionaire

  1. Where do you live?

  2. Typically who do you go to the beach with?

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  3. How Often do you use Devonshire Beach?

  4. What is your reason for using Devonshire beach?

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  5. I would visit Devonshire Beach more if...

  6. Did you know that there are currently 2 X 400 meter groomed areas at Devonshire Beach?

  7. Most of the beach is left in its natural state for conservation purposes. The grass and shrub growth protects the sand from erosion from water and wind. It also provides habitats for small fish, animals, and insects, some which depend on this unique habitat. Do you support the environmental protection of a portion of Devonshire Beach?

  8. Do you believe there should be more groomed beach?

  9. How much more groomed beach should be at Devonshire Beach?

  10. Currently the Province grooms Devonshire Beach every three years. Do you believe think they should groom the beach on a more regular occurrence?

  11. Presently grooming involves turning the sand over to eliminate grass and willow. Should the sand be screened to remove debris?

  12. Would you be in favour of the installation of signs along Devonshire Beach to explain why some areas of beach are groomed, and others are not?

  13. Who should be responsible for the clean up of Devonshire Beach?

  14. Do you think that there should be more amenities near Devonshire Beach?

  15. Would you be in favour of the Town of Slave Lake taking responsibility for the clean up and Maintenance of Devonshire Beach, if that meant a increase to your property tax?

  16. How much more tax would you be willing to pay for the Town of groom the 2X400m sections at Devonshire Beach?

  17. If no, and the Town of Slave Lake did take responsibility for the clean up would you be in favour of participating in a Community Clean Up Day at the beach?

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