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Business License

  1. Business Closure

    Closing your Business Licence with the Town of Slave Lake.

  2. Business License Application

    Opening a Business or Operating within the Town of Slave Lake, complete this form.

  1. Business Licence Change of Information

    Making changes to your current business or need to update your business licence.

Community Services

  1. Camp Medical Form

    One Camp Medical Form per child is required on the first day of camp.

Contact Us

  1. Give Feedback

    Slave Lake is built on resilience, recovery and hope. The Town of Slave Lake wants to ensure we communicate effectively through this... More…

Customer Change

  1. Customer Change Request Form

    Need to Update your Contact information with the Town, complete this form to update your telephone number(s), Mailing Address, Add... More…

Enforcement Services

  1. Record of Disturbance - Complaint Information

    Barking Dog Package for the Town of Slave Lake

  1. Witness Statement Form

    Witness Statement Form for ongoing investigations in the Town of Slave Lake

Lesser Slave Regional Fire Services

  1. Future Firefighter Program Application Form

    Application form for the Future Firefighter Program.

Online Job Application

  1. Online Job Application

    Online Job Application Process for the Town of Slave Lake


  1. Canada Day 150th Photo Submissions

    The Town of Slave Lake is looking for photos from residents for an upcoming project being unveiled on July 1st, 2017!

Planning and Development

  1. Application for Deck, Shed or Minor Structure Permit

    Think of building a Deck, Shed or Minor Structure complete this application.

  2. Application for Development Permit
  3. Application for Occupying Space or Change in Use Permit

    Are you opening a business in a new space? Are adding to your

  4. Application for Sign Permit

    All signs need a permit. Please contact the Planning Department with questions.

  5. Application for Variance Permit

    This application is for when you need to vary setbacks for a building either before or after building.

  1. Application For Demolition Permit

    Need to demolish a building? Please provide us with details.

  2. Application for Home Based Business Permit

    If you run your business from your home, it is possible that you require a permit to do so.

  3. Application For Residential Development Permit
  4. Application for Special Event Permit

    Want to hold an event in the park or have a fundraising event on Town land’s? An application is needed at least two weeks prior to the... More…

  5. Request for Certificate of Compliance

Property Taxes

  1. Manufactured (mobile) Home Change Report

    If you have moved into or out of Westside Village or Lynnwood, or your moving a new mobile home into either Westside Village or... More…

Seniors Services

  1. Seniors Snow Removal/Lawn Maintenance Referral Form

    By filling out this form callers will be directed to individuals to seek Snow Removal or Lawn Maintenance Services

Town Council

  1. Application for Council Boards and Committees

    Get involved in town decisions. Apply to sit on Board and Committees that work to make Slave Lake a better community to live, work and... More…

  1. Delegations to Council Form

    Town Council is the democratic institution and level of government closest to its citizens and provides the most accessible forum for... More…


  1. Enrollment in Digital Utility Billing

    Go Green receive your utility invoice by email.

  2. Utility Service Application

    This application form applies to water, waste water, garbage and Recycling collection utility services.

  1. Request to Terminate Utility Service

    Moving out of a property, complete this form to close your utility account and request your deposit refund.

  2. Water Meter Appointment - REQUEST

    Does your water meter require maintenance? Does your water meter appear to need a new battery? Note that Service Fees may apply as per... More…