Ongoing Projects

Update January 30th, 2019 

Regional Waterline Intake and Pumping Station - The intake station construction is complete and the commissioning activities have been taken as far as they can at this point. The 30 day acceptance test is waiting for the completion of the pipeline commissioning.

Regional Waterline Pipeline Project - Construction is complete except for the final tie-in at the WTP. Still working to resolve ongoing pigging issues. Still working on pressure testing the last section of line and to date 10 out of 11 sections of the line has passed the pressure tests, which is good news. The final section that will not hold pressure is now narrowed down to 800 meters and they are still looking for the leak on this section. After the last section has passed the pressure test, the contractor will work on completing the pigging of the line and will be using pigs with tracking devices going forward. When the line has been completely pigged and fully pressure tested, the final connection to the WTP will take place to complete the project and move us into the 30 day performance test phase.

Main Street North Water Line Replacement Project – All customers along Main Street have been connected to the new line, except the connection to The Point at the end of the Main Street line. All customer along Tamarack Road are now connected to the new line as well. The remaining tie-ins are: one at The Point entrance, one at the corner of Tamarack Road and Balsam Road to loop the existing line then one more fire hydrant installation along Tamarack Road to complete the project. We have completely shut in the old 1960’s carbon steel line now.

5 Ave NW between 5 St and 8 St NW Road Rehabilitation Project – The work on the road is complete for this year and the road is fully open with a gravel surface. Our contractor told us we will be the first paving project on their list in the spring.

Sewage Lagoon Upgrade Project – The contractor is back on site this week. The general contractor had a very good start on the earthworks part of the project, but the ground has become too frozen to work with, so the earthworks has been suspended until spring. They will continue to work to prepare for resuming in the spring with work like stockpiling clay and gravel for the SAGR beds, building the SAGR bed forms, installing the perimeter fencing, fabricating new blower building and associated process piping.

Hilltop Reservoir Piping Replacement Project – The project is in the detailed design phase with engineering and design currently in progress and the tender package going out in Q1, 2019 with construction scheduled for Q2 or Q3, 2019.

Lift Station C - New Forcemain Project - Is in the detailed design stage. Engineering and design to take place in 2018 and preparing the tender package that will be held until the 2019 budget is approved.

Sawridge Lift Station Modifications – Site construction bid was awarded and we are working with the contractor to determine a construction schedule. Contractual completion date is June 1. This work includes installing a rail track system on the stairs to easily remove the “Muffin Monster” grinder pump for servicing as well as installing a new recirculation pump system to reduce the frequency of cleaning the cells. The scope of work also includes repairing and putting back into service the second discharge line to the sewage lagoon as it has been out of service for a while.

Town Shop Yard – Salt Water Remediation Work is complete for this year. Pending results of the 2018 pumping season, we will hopefully go into monitoring only mode next summer, which will cut the costs in half for this work. Expecting the 2018 results report later this month.

LSL Regional Housing Authority – The General Contractor project management contract went out for bid in December with the bids closing last week. We are currently in the bid evaluation phase and will be making a decision on the successful bidder next week with the bid award proposed for mid-February. It appears the funding has been secured and the project will move into the conceptual design phase soon after this bid award.

2019 Capital Projects Budget – Working on the 10 Year Capital Project Plan to have it ready for review with Council in Q1, 2019