Ongoing Projects

Updated: September 7th, 2017 

MRC Arenas - New ice plants have been started up and ice in Arena 1 has been in use for 1 month now. The new compressors are showing great performance results so far.

MRC Field House new air conditioner units 1 and 2 have started up and are performing very well.

MRC Arena Dehumidifier in Arena 2 is now operable, but our supplier is having some delivery issues with the Arena 1 unit and have installed a temporary unit at no cost to TOSL. Permanent Arena 1 unit delivery is slated for November.

2017 Sidewalk Repair Program is complete on all 60 sites. The associated pavement patching is currently in progress. The dead sod replacement will take place this week with a letter delivered to all affected residents asking them to help us out by watering the sections on or adjacent to their yards.

Regional Water line project is in the materials procurement and detailed schedule development phase. Construction of intake and pumping station to start about October 1. Pipeline work to start after freeze up.

Main Street North Water Line replacement project engineering is complete and we are currently procuring the pipe and fittings. Construction will start in early September pending approval in tonight's Report to Council.

Infrastructure Recovery concrete warranty work on 12 St SE and a few other areas in town is now complete, including the 8 driveways on 12 St SE that were too steep.

5 St and 5 Ave NE road re-paving project construction will start in 2nd or 3rd week of September. Road closure notices have been put in paper and on the TOSL website.

Town Shop Yard Salt Remediation Project is well underway with a lot of groundwater recovery and disposal taking place.

Sewage Lagoon Upgrade Project is in the detailed engineering phase and the phase 1 construction will start later this fall.