Ongoing Projects

Updated: June 18th, 2018 

Regional Waterline Intake and Pumping Station is on schedule. The building fabrication is complete with only some exterior "architectural " brickwork to be installed . The interior mechanical piping and installation of the process equipment and piping is complete and the electrical is nearing completion. The outdoor site works will continue when the site dries up and the in-lake work is done. The in-lake drilling for the intake lines is in progress with the first section of intake line already pulled in and planning to pull the second line in tomorrow. The in the lake work is expected to take about 1 more week to complete.

Regional Waterline Pipeline project construction is well under way. The contractor has about 95% of all pipeline in the ground with an overall completion of about 90% with work in progress on all remaining sections of the line. The work at the airport and at the Widewater community complex are both complete. The bulk of the remaining work is the end to end connections of the Horizontal Directional Drilled lines of which there are still 32 connections to be done. This project is progressing again this week, but experiencing very wet conditions.

Main Street North Water Line replacement project has been at a standstill because of the extreme substandard underground soil conditions. We tried to rent a trench shoring system, but the costs were becoming prohibitive, so we have ordered our own new engineered shoring box, which arrived at the Town shop yesterday. We now have to wait for the ground water to recede to begin work again. The next steps are to go back and inter-connect to the existing Balsam Road line and then hot tap the 3 remaining new fire hydrants to complete the main line, then we will start installing the smaller line going north on Main Street and connect it to all the existing customers along the line.

Engineering and design on the Road Rehabilitation on 5 Ave NW between 5 St and 8 St NW is complete and Council awarded the construction contract on May 8. We are currently working with the contractor to determine project schedule. Projected start date is now the end of July and projected completion date is now the end of September.

The 5 Ave and 5 St NE Road Rehabilitation project is in progress with the forms for the new sidewalks and curbs currently being installed. With the recent weather delays, the project is now expected to be complete early July. The storm damage was minimal and work has commenced again this week.

Sewage Lagoon Upgrade Project is in the detailed engineering phase. The first phase of the earth works contract is almost ready to send out to tender and that will include the work to be done during 2018, which will include turning the drying cell into an active cell, empty and reconstruct the 3 existing active cells and all new inter-cell underground piping. The existing cell re-construction will be done one cell at a time so the remaining cells can remain in service. We awarded the contract to the SAGR equipment supplier for the detailed design and to begin procuring their equipment for the new system.

CN Rail track replacement project through town is complete now, but has left 2 crossings higher than before, and are currently working with CN on a permanent solution to this.

CN Rail Main Street crossing landscaping rehabilitation work will be starting in about 2 weeks. After contacting CN to see when they were going to come back and do the repairs to the disturbed area and broken sidewalks, they indicated they cannot handle the work, so instructed the TOSL to look after coordinating the landscaping repairs and CN will pay the bills. Had discussions with CN recently and it looks like we are finally getting some movement from them.

The 2018 Sidewalk Repair program RFP bids were received and a Report to Council for the contract award is in tonight’s agenda. We created the list of sites to be repaired and since the list is larger than the budget, we had to cancel some of the lower priority sites to fit the budget. The cancelled sites will be carried forward to next year's program.

Working with LSL Regional Housing Authority on the detailed scoping of the proposed Affordable Housing multifamily complex that is being considered for the Town of Slave Lake. The one company being considered for the construction of the prefabricated modules has gone into receivership[, so the project is now being re-evaluated with the Alberta Government folks. We are continuing with the detailed scope of work document and preparing the RFP documents to have them ready when we have permission to proceed.