Ongoing Projects

Updated: November 8th, 2017

MRC - Arena 1 De-humidifier temporary unit was swapped out with the permanent unit on Oct 25 and the electrical, gas and ducting connections will be done this week and the new unit put in service. This will be the final phase of the overall MRC Upgrades Projects and once we receive the final invoices, we can submit a claim for final payment from the Canada 150 grant administrator.

2017 Sidewalk Repair Program is now 100% complete on all 60 sites.

Regional Water line project on site construction of intake and pumping station is on schedule with the below grade concrete wall forming being started this week. Pipeline work to start after freeze up. A new grant opportunity has been identified to help cover the $2M project shortfall and the application has been sent in with the grant awards taking place in spring of 2018.

Main Street North Water Line replacement project construction started on Sept 8 with all 4 sections (on Main Street and Tamarack Road) of the 350mm and 300mm pipe drilled and pulled in. We have 2 of the 6 major tie ins along Tamarack Road completed and the short section of 200mm line from Tamarack to Main Street will be drilled and installed this week, which will complete our drilling for this year . Hoping to have the section of the main line along Tamarack Road in service this year once the other major 4 tie-ins are complete.

5 St and 5 Ave NE road re-paving project construction has been deferred until spring.

Engineering and design on the Road Rehabilitation on 5 Ave NW between 5 St and 8 St NW is in progress.

The Road Rehabilitation 10 year plan has been developed with a Report to Council being presented to Council on Oct 3 for the 2018 projects.

Town Shop Yard Salt Remediation Project has been wrapped up for this year and the pumps and sensors have been removed. A report of results will be received before the years end and we will use the results of the report to determine the project scope for 2018

Sewage Lagoon Upgrade Project is in the detailed engineering phase. We are waiting to award the contract for the removal of the composted sludge material out of the existing Sludge Drying cell to get it ready to be converted into active cell No. 2. The contract award Report to Council will be in the next meeting's agenda. We stared the preliminary work on the dewatering of the drying cell so once the contract is awarded, we can begin the excavation process. We are also currently working with the SAGR equipment supplier to begin procuring their equipment for the new system.

CN Rail light upgrades on the Main Street crossing are well under way. New new lights and cross arms will be installed on the main street crossing and the underground wiring will be installed from the new control panel at Main Street down the tracks to the 3 St SW crossing this fall with the new lights at that crossing not being installed until spring. The Caribou Trail crossing did not make the CN Rail grant list this year, but they will be applying again next year.

Started working on connecting the WLC Building Management System with the Gov't Center Building Management System.

Started working on the 2018 budget and the 10 year Capital Budget Plan.