Boards & Commissions

Members of Town Council sit on a variety of committees and boards to execute their duties as elected officials.
  1. Chamber of Commerce

    Learn more about the members, meetings, and purpose of the Chamber of Commerce.

  2. Community Education Committee

    The Community Education Committee (CEC) ensures that local residents have access to education and training suitable to their needs and goals.

  3. Community Futures Board

    Learn more about the members, meetings, and purpose of the Community Futures Board.

  4. Disaster Services Committee

    The Disaster Services Committee is responsible for overseeing the Emergency Operations Plan and actions that will be initiated in the event of an emergency.

  5. FireSmart Committee

    The FireSmart Committee oversees FireSmart education, fuel management, legislation, development of guidelines, planning, training and inter-agency cooperation.

  6. Intermunicipal Committee

    Learn more about the members, meetings, and purpose of the Intermunicipal Committee.

  7. Lesser Slave Lake Regional Housing Authority

    The Lesser Slave Lake Regional Housing Authority is responsible for the operation of community housing units, private landlord rent supplement units, self-contained seniors units and the Vanderwell Heritage Place Lodge.

  8. Lesser Slave Regional Waste Management Commission

    Learn more about the members, meetings, and purpose of the Lesser Slave Lake Regional Waste Management Commission.

  9. Lesser Slave Watershed Council

    Lesser Slave Watershed Council is a joint meeting with Towns, MDs and Aboriginal organizations to plan projects and conduct research to protect the quality of the watershed surrounding Lesser Slave Lake.

  10. Municipal Planning Commission (MPC)

    The Municipal Planning Commission advises and assists Council with regard to the planning of orderly and economical development.

  11. Naming Advisory Committee

    The Naming Advisory Committee is a newly developed Committee for the purpose of advising Council on the matter of naming of areas, roads, parks, and Municipal facilities.

  12. Peace Library System

    The Peace Library System is the overseer of Slave Lake Rotary Club Library.

  13. Regional Economic Development Committee

    The Regional Economic Development Committee promotes economic development for the Tri-Council partners - Sawridge First Nations, MD LSR and the Town of Slave Lake.

  14. Regional Protective Service Representatives

    The Regional Protective Service Representatives meet periodically to update each other on current issues and activities.

  15. Slave Lake Airport Commission

    Learn more about the members, meetings, and purpose of the Slave Lake Airport Commission.

  16. Slave Lake Regional Library Board

    The Slave Lake Regional Library Board is an ongoing committee responsible for reviewing and recommending plans and policies to ensure the effective running of the library and to implement programs to meet the needs of library patrons in the community at large.

  17. Subdivision & Development Appeal Board

    The Subdivision and Development Appeal Board meets when a permit or subdivision by the Municipal Planning Commission or Development Officer is refused.

  18. Tri-Council

    The Tri-Council consists of all Council members of the Town of Slave Lake, MD of Lesser Slave River and Sawridge First Nation.

  19. Tri-Council Health Subcommittee

    The Health Advocacy Committee advocates for solutions to health-related issues and concerns, to other levels of government, health care service deliverers, agencies and advisory bodies.

  20. Wildfire Legacy Corporation

    The Wildfire Legacy Corporation will be the management body for the operations of the Wildfire Legacy Building that is presently in the development stages.