Animal Control

The Town of Slave Lake maintains part-time Animal Control Officers to patrol the Town of Slave Lake. Animals seized by the officer are housed at the Town Dog Pound and adoptions of unclaimed animals remain at the discretion of the Animal Control and Peace Officers. Typically animals are sent to Slave Lake Animal Rescue and put up for adoption after three days of being unclaimed.

The Animal Control Officer, who is a sworn Bylaw Officer and an employee of the Town of slave Lake, is authorized to issue summonses for offences under the Town of Slave Lakes Animal Control Bylaw.

Residents of Slave Lake can contact the Animal Control Officer through the Animal Control complaint line at 780-805-5512. The Animal Control Officer responds to complaints on an as needed basis, following up on calls as they are received. If there is no answer, the public is encouraged to leave a message with a call back number and an Animal Control Officer will follow up with the complainant.

Note: Animal Control Officers are only available on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Weekends.