Planning & Development 

The Planning Department aims to ensure the orderly and sustainable development of the Town of Slave Lake.

The Planning Department:
  • Assists with matters pertaining to development, plans of subdivision, site plan reviews, certificates of compliance, zoning bylaws and other planning and land use related matters.
  • Monitors and updates various regulatory planning documents for the Town including the Growth Study, Municipal Sustainability Plan, the Municipal Development Plan, various Area Structure Plans and the Land Use Bylaw.
  • Provides professional planning services to Town Council, the Municipal Planning Commission and the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board as well as external agencies, builders, developers and landowners.
  1. Application & Amendment Forms

    View and download a variety of planning and development forms.

  2. Brochures & Pamphlets

    The Planning Department has a variety of brochures and pamphlets available on a range of topics. These brochures and pamphlets should not be interpreted as exhibiting the exact guidelines of the Land Use Bylaw 22-2007 or other statutory documents.

  3. Development Permits

    Find necessary applications and information for obtaining a development permit, and view a list of recent development permits issued by the Town of Slave Lake.

  4. Land Use Bylaw

    The purpose of the Land Use Bylaw is to regulate and control the use and development of land and buildings within the Town of Slave Lake.

  5. Municipal Planning Commission (MPC)

    The Municipal Planning Commission advises and assists Council with regard to the planning of orderly and economical development.

  6. Statutory & Official Plans

    The Town of Slave Lake has adopted various statutory and official plans to ensure the responsible, orderly and sustainable growth and development of our community.

  7. Subdivisions & Condominiums

    The Planning Department has put together a complete Subdivision Package for your residential, industrial and commercial subdivision or condominium development.