North Main Street Water Line

The project is the installation of a new waterline along Tamarack Road in the NE from the corner of 10Ave and Main Street to the corner of Tamarack Road and 8 St. This new waterline (350mm and 300mm size) will provide service to the lots adjacent to Tamarack Road, but is mainly required to improve fire hydrant flow to meet Town standards within the north end of the industrial area and beyond. This new line is paid for by TOSL. The other new waterline (100mm size) connected to this main line will consist of running a new waterline along Main Street from the corner of Main Street and Tamarack Road, north to The Point RV park to service the adjacent lots along the route. This new section of line along Main Street, which is sized for consumer use only, no fire hydrant flow, is a shared cost between the Town of Slave Lake and the MD of Lesser Slave River 

We now have Section 1 and 3.1 installed underground using Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD). The next step is to install line Section 3.2 using HDD then start connecting these 3 sections together and then to interconnect them with the existing waterlines on Balsam Road and the 8 Street road.

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