Running for Council

Next Election:

The next general election for the Town of Slave Lake will be Monday October 16th, 2017

Before You Run:

Are you considering running for Office? There are a number of things you should consider before you decide. 

In order to run as a candidate, you must meet the following criteria:

18 years of age or older
Canadian citizen
Resident of the Town of Slave Lake for six months preceding Nomination Day

You are ineligible to become a candidate if you meet any of the following:

Auditor of the Town of Slave Lake
Municipal Employee (unless the employee takes an entitled leave of absence)
If your property taxes are in arrears for more than $50.00
If you are in default, for more than 90 days, for any debt larger than $500 to the Town of Slave Lake
If you have been convicted in the past 10 years of an offense under the Local Authorities Election Act, the Election Act, or the Canada Elections Act.
If you are a judge, Member of Parliament, Senator, or Member of the Legislative Assembly (unless you have resigned from your position before you take office as a member of Council)