Downtown and Main Street Area Plan

Downtown Main Street


In 1989 the Town of Slave Lake developed the Downtown and Main Street Area Plan (AP) and Downtown and Main Street Urban Design Handbook (UDH) in order to provide future development direction. Since adoption of the two documents, the downtown and main street areas have experienced development growth pressures, competition with a nearby big box commercial development and a wildfire disaster event. In order to respond to current and future development pressures, the AP and UDH are currently being reviewed and updated.
The Town has retained a consulting team led by Green Space Alliance (GSA) to undertake the review and update process of the AP and UDH.

Public Consultation Summary:

View the 83 page public consultation summery created by Green Space Alliance here

Downtown and Main Street Area Plan Draft:

To read the Downtown and Main Street Area Plan Draft Click here

Urban Design Handbook Draft:

To read the Urban Design Handbook click here

Project Website:

In order to keep our residents informed with respect to these new Plans, a Project Website has been created. You can search the website by clicking here

Timeline for Downtown Main Review